Twinkling Turntable
Kanji キラキラターンテーブル
Rōmaji Kirakira Tāntēburu
Type Feminine
Performer(s) Otoha Takanashi

Twinkling Turntable (キラキラターンテーブル, Kirakira Tāntēburu) is a Prism Jump in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. This jump is Otoha Takanashi's fifth jump, which she first performed in Episode 46.


An endless turntables spiral down as the performer spins downward on the turntables. She jumped on the turntable one by one as buildings shot out from the turntables with yellow, pink and blue lights. The performer flies towards to a disco ball up in the sky as the buildings grow larger. The performer sits on the disco ball and looks up at the sky as yellow lights shot out from the disco ball. In a close-up view, the performer winks as the buildings began to turn.


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