Hi, my name is Purizumu, and I'm just an anime fan who likes Pretty Rhythm. I became admin only because i'm experienced with wiki coding, but otherwise there are no guidelines as far as I know of. Obviously there some rules like making sure you're grammar is correct or making sure you're adding facts and not opinions which are typically used in other wikis. Please don't be scared to change my edits as well because I am horrible at English and most of my sentences probably don't make sense.

Now, I'm still a student and I can be busy as well, so as much as I just want to contribute more to this wiki, I can't unless I'm on vacation. I can still reply to messages and make small changes such as changing the video on the homepage, but that's as much as I could do until I get a break.

Favorite songs:

  1. BT37.5
  2. ALIVE
  3. Blowin' in the Mind
  4. Get music!
  5. cherry-picking days
  6. Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend

Favorite characters:

  1. Ito Suzuno
  2. Otoha Takanashi
  3. Wakana Morizono
  4. Naru Ayase
  5. Bell Renjouji
  6. Ann Fukuhara

I don't get how this happened. I like Ann more than Wakana, but Wakana is my favorite character and I don't find Ann interesting, yet I still like Ann more than Wakana, but she shouldn't be my least favorite character because I love her. I like Wakana more than Bell, but I like Bell more than Ann and I like Ann more than Wakana. Do you see my problem?

Favorite Prism Jumps:

  1. Grand Cross Spin
  2. Open My Flower
  3. Mecha Uma Sweets Go-Round
  4. Hat Trick Star
  5. Mirai e Happy Rain
  6. Happy Naru Arrow Mugendai

Favorite Prism Live melody:

  1. Otoha
  2. Bell
  3. Ito and Otoha
  4. Bell and Naru
  5. Happy Rain
  6. Ann and Wakana

Favorite scenes:

  1. When Otoha lectures the group (episode 46)
  2. When Otoha hits Momo with a pan (episode 29) and when Ito hits Momo with a pan (episode 10)
  3. Jin's evil laugh (episode 51)
  4. Futaba becomes yandere (episode 36)
  5. Wakana falls at the Over The Rainbow Session as payback to Ann(episode 48)
  6. Pretty much the whole of episode 35

Favorite quotes:

  1. Ann - I always thought I only wanted to have sweet things. But the world is full of salty, bitter and sour things. It's full of a ton of different flavors!
  2. Otoha - You lot... There's nothing fairytale about you right now! What's with those sour faces? You'd better burn my show into your eyes real good!
  3. Bell - I'm weak. Not perfect like June. But people can dream! Even when we fail, we can dream of one day succeeding, trying again and again until we do! Even if everyone laughs at me, makes fun of me... No matter how pitiful anyone thinks I am, as long as I have others who support me! My dream is to have everyone see me like this!

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