• Purizumu

    HERES HOW TO ENTER: Step 1: To enter, you MUST to be a registered user on the Wikia.

    Step 2: Choose your Pretty Rhythm Character. Your Pretty Rhythm character can be ANY Prism Star. You can also choose a character from PriPara if you like, but if you choose from PriPara, the character has to be an idol.

    Step 3: Choose the following for each outfit. If there it says optional next to it, then you don't have to include it in your outfit.

    • Hair
    • Accessories (optional)
    • Top/Dress
    • Bottom (optional if character is wearing dress)
    • Shoes
    • Makeup/Nailpolish

    Step 4: In the comments below, submit links of images for the pieces of clothing you choose. The image must be a real-life picture, so don't pop in a dress from Aikatsu, okay? If you can't find an image of the…

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  • Purizumu

    Ito with long hair

    March 21, 2014 by Purizumu

    Like I said in my last post, I was going to photoshop an image of ito with long hair

    Here it is:

    [[File:Itowithlonghair2.jpg|thumb|250px|Without her vest. I think I'm having too much fun with this >u

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  • Purizumu

    Because I like Ito soo much, I decided to photoshop one of her pictures and made her hairstyle the same as one from when she was younger. As much as I like her new hairstyle, I find it cute. (I know it doesn't look real since I kinda rushed it)

    Next I'm probably going to do Ito with long hair, and Otoha with a ponytail. And then there's the other side of me saying I should be contributing more to the wiki.

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  • Purizumu

    Need some help

    March 4, 2014 by Purizumu

    I need some help to keep track of some of our images. If anyone can take the time to categorize the pictures at, then please help. Just categorize them in the episodes in which it came from (eg. Episode 30 Screenshots) or any of the Prism Stone images into Images of Prism Stones. Thanks^^

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  • Purizumu

    Background Image

    January 3, 2014 by Purizumu

    I changed the background for the wiki. Hope it's better than the last one, although it's still extremely blurry since I rushed it Just wanted to know if anyone else had better ideas.

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