Reflecting back on this season, this was by far the best season of Pretty Rhythm! The story line was fantastic, and all the characters were developed really well. Of course, the new effects and the Prism Lives were also exceptional!

Ito went from cold and angsty to lovey-dovey, and Wakana's relationship with her family is no longer strained. Otoha learned to be stronger and more assertive, and Bell found the love she was looking for, the love she never realized she had had all along. Ann mended her friendship with Wakana and experienced many new feelings. And Naru finally began to grow up after letting Rinne go, with the final episode of the season echoing the first one in many ways.

June and Hijiri finally admitted their love for each other and found a happy ending together. Coo and Chisato/Momo are looking for new staff for Prism Stone, since Happy Rain♪ graduated to their next school level. Jin is plotting revenge on everybody because he's like that.

I'm really happy with the way the whole season was. I have a few complaints, like the reoccurring June's autograph gag with Naru, but the season as a whole was truly spectacular. The Rinne-June relationship and the drama between the Suzunos and Mihamas were executed phenomenally. I could go on for hours about how fantastic Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live was, but I'll end here for now.

Tell me what you think of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live!

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