Violet Nocturne Skirt
Violet Nocturne Skirt
Kanji バイオレットノクターンスカート
Rōmaji Baioretto Nokutān Sukāto
Number S01-24
Category Bottoms
Type Star
Rarity Normal
First Appearance
Session Session 01
Anime Episode 6

Violet Nocturne Skirt is a star-type skirt worn by Ito Suzuno. It was first seen and used in Episode 6 of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. It consists of A violet pleat skirt. The pleats and layer beneath it are black to match the studded belt that is included. A gold music note is pinned to the side. The Violet Nocturne Skirt is worn by Ito as part of her Prism Stone Harajuku stage outfit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

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