Winter White Session
Winter whutw
Kanji ウィンターホワイト セッション
Rōmaji Uiintā Howaito Sesshon
Host Hijiri Himuro
Type of Session Duo Tournament
Anime Debut Episode 36

The Winter White Session is a new duo tournament where participates must compete and perform together in groups of two. It is the first tournament June Amou will be performing in after her performance at the Over The Rainbow Session three years prior to the series. The winner of this session is June and Rinne, although they lost a few points because they didn't perform duo jumps.


Ranking Name Results
1 June Amou & Rinne Ibara (天羽ジュネ&荊りん) 17, 200 karats
2 Bell Renjōji & Naru Ayase (蓮城寺べる&彩瀬なる) 16, 800 karats
3 Ann Fukuhara & Wakana Morizono (福原あん&森園わかな) 15, 800 karats
4 Ito Suzuno & Otoha Takanashi (涼野いと&小鳥遊おとは ) 14, 800 karats
5 Fish & Chips 12, 400 karats
6 Beef or Chicken 11, 800 karats
7 Kyoko Inoue & Mika Inoue (kyoko井上&Mika井上) 9, 300 karats
8 Julian & Charlotte (ジュリアン&シャルロット) 8, 600 karats
9 Masaki Iwaki & Taeko Yamada (岩木雅美&山田妙子) 7, 500 karats


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